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Who eats pudding at ten o´clock in the morning?

People who like pudding

Barbara Novak
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. Me .

Psychologist. Funny, optimistic, open-minded and irrational at times. Friend. Series junky and fangirl.

. I like .

Tv. Cinema. Reading. Music. Travelling. Sports. Hanging out with my friends. Studying psychology.

. I love .

Adama/Roslin. Annette Bening. BSG. Brenda Johnson. Brenda/Fritz. Cal Lightman. Cal/Gillian. Damien Rice. Family Guy. Franz Ferdinand. Garbage. Gillian Anderson. Gillian Foster. In Treatment. Jon Tenney. Kelli Williams. Kyra Sedgwick. Laura Roslin. Lie to Me. Lisa Cuddy. Lisa Edelstein. Martha Wainwright. Mulder/Scully. Rafael Nadal. Rufus Wainwright. Sarah McLachlan. Shiina Ringo. Sushi. Tennis. The Closer. The West Wing. The X Files. Tim Roth. Tori Amos. V for Vendetta.

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